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A place of peace is Home. A home with international standards and located strategically in the Core IT belt of Cyberabad is Bloomfield Ecstasy. All the goodness of gated community with the freedom of individual space is the perfect blend for the new age families looking out for a world-class home within the city limits of Hyderabad.

As residents who look for world class homes and amenities, we have handcrafted our homes leaving nothing undone… We have a society with the best of what the world has to offer, and it is our responsibility to ensure it is maintained impeccably bringing to the table is a perfect blend of finesse, brilliance and basic common sense; coupled with a strong sense of concern.

Bloomfield Ecstasy House Owners Association or “BEHOA” came into existence to ensure a whole new way of living to all of us, by collaborating for a joyful way of living while abiding by the guidelines and policies that mutually agreed upon!

Let us ensure a Happy, Healthy and Eco-friendly living…
Happy Living to Us!

High-end Amenities

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Every resident in the community is recommended to read this guidelines document; understand the rules of the community and keep it handy for reference at all times. This document also contains important phone numbers that you may need to contact from time to time or in case of an emergency.

Bloomfield Gated Community is for residential purposes only.

  1. Any kind of commercial/ business activity inside the community premises is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed. Examples of commercial activities – Beauty Parlours, Guest Houses, Creche, Clinics, Consultancy, etc.
  2. Tenant Obligations –
    1. The tenant must provide a signed Tenant Acknowledgement and Undertaking Form to enable them to move in, and add the tenant’s family members’ details at the entry gate security office list. This form is available from the Property Management Staff.
    2. The tenant must receive and acknowledge the receipt of this guidelines handbook to ensure the tenant is aware of all the rules and regulations of the association before he/she moves in.
  3. Any kind of interior works can be done by Villa owners only. Tenants cannot do it by themselves. If the tenants need any facilities or need interior works to be done, they need to get them done by the owners.
  4. All amenities and common places (library, swimming pool, parking area, club house, gym, etc.) available in the community are for the sole use of the residents of the community and cannot be rented out to outsiders.
  1. Visitors must collect visitor pass from the security office, without which they will not be let in. While going back, the visitor pass must be handed over to the security personnel.
  2. Visitors should inform the security personnel the person whom they are going to meet in the community so that the security can verify and let the visitors in.
  3. Visitors need to co-operate for a security check with the security personnel at the entrance to get entry.
  4. Visitors must take care of their personal belongings and the community is not responsible for any loss/theft.
  5. Visitors must wait in the waiting hall at the security office until the person of contact comes.
  6. Visitors should avoid walking in areas where construction is in progress. Watch out for caution signs.
  7. Visitors should not walk on the lawns and pluck any leaves or flowers of the plants and trees across the community.
  8. Visitors should not smoke/consume alcohol in the community premises.
  9. Visitors should not litter the community premises. They should make use of the dustbins placed in the premises.
  10. Visitors should be aware that some residents in the community own pets and they may take them for a walk as per their convenience. Visitors should be careful not to hurt any pets.
  11. No photographs will be taken of villas and the community premises by visitors, vendors or marketers. This is to ensure privacy in the premises.
  12. No use of loud voice or foul language is allowed on anyone inside the premises. If anyone has any issue with the maintenance or security staff or any other person, he/she must register a complaint with the Property management office and necessary review will be performed before any action is taken.
  13. No one is allowed to smoke/chew tobacco in the community premises. Rs.500 fine will be issued on any such sight and the person doing so has to make the payment.
  1. Vendors (Contractors dealing in electrical works, plumbing works, construction works, interior works, wood works, etc.) who wish to provide their services to the community, must submit their details with name, phone numbers and contact address at the Property Management office after duly taking their visitor pass from the security office. The Property Management team will talk to the vendors and finalize the contract details if required.
  2. Vendors, who are given a contract, will be given their Vendor ID cards that they need to carry all the time they are in the community premises.
  3. Workers with vendors will also be given Vendor ID cards and they have to sport this around their neck as long as they are in the community premises.
  4. Vendors should take responsibility for the orderly conduct and behaviour of workers engaged by them.
  5. Vendors and workers will not involve in any union / other activities, which causes inconvenience to the residents.
  6. Works should be carried out on the premises preferably between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, in case of urgent requirements, they can carry out works with appropriate instructions from the Property Management office and Security Office.
  7. In case of theft/loss occurred due to the workers of a vendor, the employing vendor is answerable.
  8. Vendors should follow the instructions of the Property Management team and Security office from time to time regarding the movement and storage of materials.
  1. Every visitor should park the vehicle in the allotted parking space as specified by the security personnel.
  2. Vendors and their workers’ vehicles parked in the parking area should prominently have the vendor vehicle pass sticker facilitating easy and smooth entry & exit at the security gate.
  3. Vehicles are parked at owners’ risk and parking of vehicles should be done strictly in the allotted marked space only. Management will not be responsible for any loss/damage/theft of the vehicles parked.
  4. Enough care should be taken while parking and taking out vehicles from the designated parking slots so that others’ vehicles are not damaged.
  5. Visitors and vendors should park their vehicles only in their designated parking slots. They should not park vehicles outside the designated slots even temporarily as it will cause inconvenience to others.
  6. Parking in Villa Streets is strictly prohibited. Any violation will be fined by Rs.500 per vehicle (2/4 wheelers) per incident.
  7. Unidentified vehicles parked inside will be towed out of the premises.
  8. Parking space allotted is meant for parking of vehicles only and it should not be used for any other purposes.
  9. Everyone should follow traffic rules and signs strictly while driving inside the premises.
  10. Everyone should refrain from honking within the premises. No reverse honking music is allowed inside the premises.
  11. Speeding in the premises should be strictly avoided.
  12. Playing loud music in the parking area is not appreciated and hence should be avoided.
  13. Do not idle run the car in the parking lot. The exhaust fumes are dangerous
  1. Everyone should keep the premises clean and all garbage/scrap is to be disposed of properly at the specified locations.
  2. Everyone should dispose of the scrap material from time to time in consultation with the Property Management team.
  1. Bloomfield Gated Community is for residential purposes only. Owners may rent their units with some restrictions.

    1. Any kind of commercial/ business activity inside the community premises is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed. Examples of commercial activities – Beauty Parlours, Guest Houses, Creche, Clinics, Consultancy, etc.
    2. Whenever a villa in the community is up for sale/lease, it will be notified on the website and on the community notice board.
    3. The contact numbers of the respective owner of the villa and the Property Management team that will handle the process of sale or lease will be given in the notice.
    4. People who wish to buy or take the villa on lease should contact the people mentioned in the notice.
    5. Potential buyers and tenants should understand that the community has its own set of guidelines that need to be strictly adhered to by all the residents. The Bloomfield Community Guidelines Document will be given to the owner or tenant upon completing the process of sale or lease. Please check with the Property Management team for further queries on this.
    6. All amenities and common places (library, swimming pool, parking area, club house, gym, etc.) available in the community are for the sole use of the residents of the community and cannot be rented out to outsiders.
    1. In case of FIRE:

      1. Inform the owners of the villa and raise an alarm and inform the security and Property Management team on intercom immediately.
      2. Try to attack the fire, only if you can do that without risking yourself.

      When you hear the fire alarm:

      1. Close all doors and windows behind you and leave the place.
      2. Get out of the premises from the nearest exit point.
      3. Inform the nearby people if possible, but DON’T shout. Shouting causes panic among others.
      4. DON’T use lifts to escape. Use the staircase.


      1. Don’t throw away lighted cigarette ends carelessly.
      2. Don’t plug multiple electrical appliances in one socket.
      3. Don’t hide the fire detector/sprinkler heads with paint or other things.

These guidelines are for those who want to hold their promotional events in our Bloomfield Community Premises.

  1. The General guidelines, Vehicles and Parking guidelines, Garbage guidelines, and Fire Safety guidelines mentioned in this document will be applicable.
  2. Those who want to conduct a promotional event on our premises should contact –
    1. Mr./Ms. ____________
      Ph. No. _____________
  1. The mere meeting and submitting a proposal to hold an event will not confer the right to hold the event. The right of making the decision to approve/disapprove the event rests with the Property Management team.
  2. Marketers are requested to maintain acceptable sound levels from media systems used if any. Any complaint in this regards can be registered with the Property Management office. The Property Management team will inform such inconveniences to the marketer and appropriate action will be taken.
  3. Companies/People holding their events with the approval of the Property Management team of the community need to strictly abide by the agreement and the above-mentioned guidelines.


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  1. Let’s maintain the park equipment as our own because we are paying for its maintenance.
  2. Let’s use the dustbins placed.
  3. Let’s always have a water bottle handy, we may need it.
  1. Let us not play music loudly at the time of walking.
  2. Let us not litter the place.
  3. Let’s all enjoy the beauty of nature. Let’s not disturb the greenery by plucking any flowers and touching the plants.
  4. Let’s keep away from walking on the grass and use the walkway or designated areas for walking and jogging purposes.
  5. Let’s not get our pet animals to the park... there may be some fellow residents who are scared of them.
  6. Let’s keep the park a non-smoking zone.

Community Hall


  1. Let us use water economically.
  2. Let us switch off fans and lights if not in use to conserve energy.
  3. Let us take care of our personal belongings.
  4. We shall take necessary precautions to maintain hygiene, if food is being served.
  5. We shall keep the place tidy and clean.


  1. Let us not litter the place.
  2. Let us not damage the furniture or any equipment.
  3. Let us not play loud music that disturbs the other people in the community.
  4. Let us not block entry and exit points for safety reasons.
  5. Let us not indulge in any illegal activity.

Swimming pool:

  1. Let us follow the rules laid down.
  2. Let us wear a swim cap.
  3. Let us wear swim suit.
  4. We may use sunscreen to avoid sunburns.
  5. Let us always walk, not run on the sides of the pool to avoid any accidents or injuries.
  1. We shall not try to swim or dive, if we are not trained and don’t have a coach beside us.
  2. Let’s not use the pool and contaminate the water if we have flu or other infectious diseases.
  3. We shall remember to not use soaps or shower gels in the pool. It is not bath tub.
  4. We shall not leave a child alone and unattended to avoid any kind of disturbance to others.
  5. Let us not litter.


  1. We shall maintain silence; even set our phone ringtone to silent.
  2. Let us help in conserving energy by switching off lights and fans when not in use.
  3. We shall remember to return the books borrowed on time.
  4. We shall take care of our personal belongings.
  5. Let us handle books with care and passion so that all can enjoy the treasures of wisdom.
  1. Let us not bring food and drinks.
  2. Let us not litter.
  3. Let us not disturb others.
  4. Let us not tear pages from books.



  1. For our convenience while working out we shall dress appropriately and wear athletic shoes.
  2. We shall block our timings and be punctual.
  3. We shall keep the equipment in its place and wipe it before leaving so that it is hygienic for others to use.
  4. We shall take care that we exercise only as much our body is comfortable.


  1. Let us not use cell phones as they distract us and can be harmful.
  2. Let us stay away from equipment we are not familiar with and not use them.
  3. Let us not talk loudly and distract others.
  4. Let us not smoke.
  5. Let us not use the gym if we are sick, so as to avoid making others also sick.
  6. Let us remember not to stare at others and make them feel uncomfortable.



HOA Members

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